Projects within Autosafety - Uganda Program(Still running at low scale)

  • Kampala clean air drive - Saving infant lungs

    Activities here involve creating awareness and sensitizing communities about air pollution and its associated ecological and health impacts while we build their capacity for affordable countermeasures. We focus on reducing emissions from transport, industry and domestic activities. Primary target groups include local mechanics, motorists and industrialists. Over 80% of vehicles in Uganda are used imports; and their emissions are worsened by the too limited capacity among local mechanics to maintain emission control systems, motorists driving habits and the low attitudes towards environmental health among the general public. Many local factories rely heavily on older machinery including diesel powered boilers and generators that have nonexistent or faulty emission control systems. The weak laws and regulations on emissions from transport and industry also contribute to the high levels of air pollution in Uganda. Through this project, we partner with other organizations to lobby for clean environment policies.

    WAI team is comprised of fathers and mothers; and as parents our core drive in this project is to pave way for children in Uganda and beyond to breathe clean, healthy air.

    A short video about this project can be viewed from below.

  • Community action for road safety(CARS)

    Uganda loses over 5,000 people to road accidents annually while hundreds of thousands sustain serous injuries. While there are several causes of road accidents, in this project we focus on addressing the barely recognized factor - The local mechanic and the motorist; from a technical standpoint at community levels. The largest number of Uganda's auto-mechanics never attained formal education in their lines of business, yet there's no government arrangement regulating them. This has resulted into poor workmanship due to very limited capacity among them in terms of knowledge and required equipment so they can enhance and maintain the integrity of inbuilt safety systmes. Accidents that occur as a result mechanical breakdowns are many. There's also heavy presence of counterfeit auto-parts and accessories that compromise the safety of automobiles to occupants. The limited capacity of local motorists aslo fuels the rate at which the poorly maintained automobiles crash. Most driving schools only offer very basic knowledge that many motorists can not hanlde automobiles in accordance to various prevailing conditions. The weak laws and regulations, underdeveloped infrastructure and the limited capacity of responsible agencies coupled with Ugandans' low attitude towards safety also accelerates the rate at which road accidents occur. In this project, we sensitize and build capacity of technician communities to understand automobile safety systems and proper maintenance, raise awareness to motorists build their capacity for safe driving. We also aim to elevate the general public's attitude towards road safety from a technical standpoint. In partnership with other organisations advocating for improved road safety and the civil society we lobby for safer and eco-friendly policies in Uganda's transport system, forexample; mandatory annual vehicle inspection for road worthiness, improved law enforcement on road safety, an evaluation and monitoring system for driving schools and more.
  • Improving auto-waste management - for a healthier Earth

    The way most mechanics in garages, technicians at service stations and factories handle waste lubricants leaves too much space for increased soil, water and air pollution. This project involves raising awareness and building capacity of technician communities to handle waste oil products in proper ways to reduce spillages and misuse. For insatnce, its very common for heavy goods vehicles to breakdown along major roads in Uganda; and repairs are always done from the same point. Without any handling plan for waste lubricants, they always leave heavy oil spills that are either washed away into water bodies by the rains or absorbed into the soils. Using used oil for oil changes by some local mechanics is also a common practice - worsening exhaust emissions. We are making arrangements to set up an oil recycling system that will collect and recycle used oils from vehicle repair/service centres and factories.
  • Innovation, research and development on clean transport and energy systems for Africa

    This project has everything to do with finding alternative energy sources other than reliance of fossil fuels, exploring accessible resources to provide renewable energy in our production processes and harnessing technological advancements to improve the safety of our lives on the roads. Research and development on conversion of some of the most common light automobiles on Ugandan roads from internal combustion engines (ICE) to running on electric motors is already underway.

  • Raising awareness about road safety and environmental health to the general public

    Technician community engagements on road safety and emission control measures

    We focus on cutting emissions from transport and industry

    Improving environmental health through proper handling of wastes

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